Wally Amos

Wally Amos is the genuine, ebullient and gregarious father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie.

Additionally, he is an advocate for reading who believes that the recipe for ending illiteracy in America is to read to your child daily.

Wally’s baking hobby led him to open the world’s first cookie store in Los Angeles in 1975. Today, decades later, he’s still in business at Chip & Cookie, the only company baking from pure, unadulterated Wally Amos recipes.

Wally became a national personality renowned not only for his cookies but for his ebullient and outgoing persona as well.

For additional information, visit: www.readitloud.org



Kimberley Borgens

Known as the “Queen of Accountability,” Kimberley has a knack for seeing accountability as opportunity and creativity that she converts into results.  Kimberley delivers high impact, low cost, customized accountability strategies for creating result of success for small business owners, direct sellers and small business owners for greater profits.

As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, Kimberley has earned small business person of the year, small business of the year northern CA region and several awards in sales and leadership development.

She is the author of Partnering Up For Success, creator of the Accountability BootCamp and the Accountability BluePrint.

Kimberley is a recognized coach trainer with Coach Excellence, an Accredited Coach, and the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of Be A Legacy.

As the leading accountability coach and Kimberley has supported many business leaders in creating accountability with their teams, in themselves and others around them.

For additional information, visit: www.queenofaccountability.com



Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell-DTM, Accredited speaker, is an author and business speaker,who specializes in helping people learn that dealing with: Difficult People, Change, and Social media marketing, can be Easy, Productive and Profitable.

Along with speaking and authoring 5 books, he has also appeared on television and in several movies. Johnny also holds the honor of being an Accredited Speaker, a designation given by Toastmasters International and is held by only 58 professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. Upon receiving this designation Johnny became the first African American under the age of 40 to hold this designation, the youngest person in the world to every achieve this designation and the only American in the past 3 years to earn the highest designation for excellence in public speaking. Johnny is also a 2007 Speaker Hall of Fame inductee.

For additional information, visit: www.socialmediasalestrainer.com and www.facebook.com/transitionmanlivetv


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