Kristi Pavlik

From chaos to clarity, from task “overwhelm” to task mastery—this is what happens when Kristi Pavlik takes business professionals under her wing. For more than a decade, Kristi has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners transform big ideas into effective systems that support profit and growth.

Active in the administrative management field for over 18 years, Kristi is a skilled professional who helps business leaders “get out of their own way”. She helps them learn how to apply “systems thinking” and practical processes to their daily routines, resulting in improved efficiency, increased productivity and more time for what’s really important. Clients who work with Kristi are amazed at how she uses simplified processes in order to calm chaos. They are thrilled at the reduced stress and increased time available for growing their businesses. When Kristi isn’t working directly with clients, she’s teaching virtual assistants and online business managers how to apply the art of systemization to their own practices.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Organizational Development, Kristi is a certified Product Launch Specialist, proud graduate of AssistU and founding member of the Michigan Virtual Assistants association. She resides in Lansing, Michigan, with her husband and two children. In her spare time Kristi enjoys traveling, reading, and quoting Yoda to anyone who will listen.

Topic: Mind Your Own Business ~ Running Your Business Like a Business


  • What the real meaning of “run your business like a business”?
  • The secret to having and maintaining the right mindset?
  • How can corporate systems help a small business owner Mind Their Own Business?

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