Trudy Beers

Trudy Beers Ph.D.,Certified Hypnotist, Neurologistic Programming Practitioner , Life Coach and Reiki Master has been using all her techniques to empower people to redesign their minds and help them make amazing changes in their lives for the Last 15 years.

Whether it’s conquering negative habits like smoking or weight loss, lack of self confidence, or simply reaching towards professional success and relationship challenges. Hypnosis & life coaching can be used for any emotional challenges or negative habits. Beers leads people to tap into the enormous power of the imagination and the heart to find a path that is fully and amazingly satisfying. She empowers people to connect with their unique gifts by healing negative patterns and connecting with life paths that resonate with these gifts.

As New York’s leading doctor-referred Clinical Hypnotist ,her practice has become one of the most successful Hypnosis practices in the world. In 1998 she opened her school Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute to teach people Hypnotherapy,Reiki,Hypnochildbirth,Pain Relief,& Neuro-Linguistic Programming.. ” I created have a space where people from medical, psychological and alternative healing fields could join together and learn these amazing studies and techniques.”

She has studied with many different hypnotists and alternative healing studies over the last 30 year Her undying love to study the “Power of the Mind” is an endless journey. To Trudy the possibilities of our minds are .She does skype & phone sessions bicoastal & all over the world along with personal sessions 3hrs long in NYC..To Trudy the possibilities of our minds are limitless…There is no end as to what we can accomplish in our lives…

Topic Empower Yourself…Change Your Mind of Negative Habits & Emotions & Change Your Life!

  • Focus and Accomplish what You want by Harnessing the Power of Your Mind
  • Get rid of Your Negative History & Focus on Your Gifts
  • Leave Behind the Negative propaganda of the Negative Consciousness
  • Everyday is important…There is No Age restrictions…

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